Villa Elena

Villa Elena

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Via Vittorio Veneto 70, Verbania

28922 - VB - Italy

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Viale Azari 29

28922 - VB - Italy



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Villa Elena is a historic villa built on the lake, in the end of 19th century by Antonio Dolcini, decorator of Hotel Garoni, now known as Grand Hotel Eden. Dolcini fell in love with places during his stay and spent a lot of time and caring about decorating the Villa. Subsequently Max Ferraguti, cousin of the painter Arnaldo Ferraguti, renews the dwelling in its present form and composition.

Elegant strokes from Versailles cottages and their Mansart architecture, Villa Elena keeps alive memories of the painters who owned and loved it, inspired by the grand fresco of a breathtaking rising sun. The magnificent property “pieds dans l’eau” combines a deeply renewed mansion with the respect for a fine artistic work.